The latest attempt to legalize recreational cannabis use in Arkansas has been felled by an unexpected opponent: the common typo.

State Attorney General (and unofficial grammar enforcer) Leslie Rutledge rejected Mary Berry's proposed amendment due to grammatical missteps, spelling errors, and ambiguous phrases.

The mistakes included pronoun-antecedent disagreement and erroneous conjunction use. Here's a copy of the proposed bill with the attorney general's remarks.

Rutledge, however, was sufficiently magnanimous to offer Barry a chance to revise and resubmit the proposal. No word yet on whether Barry will accept the chance for a do-over.

Meanwhile, another initiative - The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act - has been approved and is currently gaining signatures for the 2016 ballot. In 2012, a similar motion was narrowly defeated, making legalization a wedge - er, split infinitive - issue in Arkansas.

h/t Extract, Independent, SFGate