Arizona State University Will Pay People to Smoke Marijuana

Many people first try marijuana when they get to college. How else would you fit in with the cool, hip professor? But you usually don't get paid to smoke marijuana. Well, if you attend Arizona State University, that might actually be the case.

A professor at Arizona State University recently posted an ad seeking medical marijuana patients to take part in a one week study. If someone can legally use medical marijuana in Arizona, they simply need to come to the lab for two hours for five days, and complete some short surveys through text message. Participants in the study will make $95, which isn't too bad for only 10 hours of "work."

The professor in charge of the study, Madeline Meier, has study marijuana extensively over the years. She's made important findings that are both positive and negative about the use of marijuana on people. Last year she found that the only negative effect experienced by long-term marijuana users on their health was less healthy teeth and gums, while lung function, heart function and body-mass related problems were all unaffected. However, in 2012 she also found that long-term marijuana use led to a eight-point drop in IQ from childhood to adulthood. 

So if you're a Arizona medical marijuana user who's interested in making an extra $95, head over to the ASU website here.


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