Arizona Court Says People with Out-of-State Medical Marijuana Cards Can Use Cannabis in Their State

While many states have some form of medical marijuana, it can be confusing about how having a prescription in one affects your rights in another. But at least in Arizona, you're good to go.

The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that people with medical marijuana prescriptions in another state are free to use their medicinal cannabis while in Arizona. The case revolved around a California man who was arrested for marijuana possession in Arizona, but his cannabis was bought using a prescription he had from his home state. Prosecutors argued that having a prescription from another state did not allow for the same immunity as Arizona residents with a prescription, but the court obviously disagreed. The actual law that legalized medical marijuana in the state had a clause that grants immunity to "visiting qualifying patients." 

The court said as long as a person can provide documentation that they are allowed medical marijuana under the home state's law, they're free to use it in Arizona.

However, out-of-state medical marijuana prescriptions do not allow users to purchase medicinal cannabis in Arizona. So you'll still have to buy your stash where you live.

(h/t AZ Central)


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