If you enjoy a nice dry heat, perhaps a quick trip to Arizona should be in your plans. They're going through one of the worst heatwaves in recent memory, and because of it, airplanes are being grounded and everything known to man is beginning to melt. 

With the intense heat, Arizonans have flocked to social media to share the torment the sun has bestowed upon them. Included in their posts are melting mailboxes, cactuses that have given up, fried eggs on sidewalks (of course), and water that evaporates as soon as it touches pavement.

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It's hard to say if it's part of a greater trend but the future few weeks see no relief, with highs in the high 100's until July 10th. You read that correctly, two more weeks of steaming hot temps. I suppose everyone who lives in Arizona is used to summers like this but still, good luck out there everyone.