Arizona Court Says Medical Marijuana Is Not Illegal on College Campuses

While many states have legalized medical marijuana, certain institutions have banned its use. One of those institutions is college campuses, which refuses to allow students to use their legally prescribed cannabis on-campus. But that's about to change, at least in Arizona.

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled today that colleges cannot punish students with criminal charges for using medical marijuana on-campus if they have a valid prescription. This decision upheld a lower court decision that said a 2012 law making it a crime to use medical cannabis on a college campus was unconstitutional, and vacated a criminal charge for a student who was arrested for doing so.

The 2010 ballot initiative that Arizona voters approved only stated that cannabis was not allowed at preK through 12th grade schools, on school buses and in prisons. The state legislature added college campuses in 2012, but the courts now say that law violated the voters' wishes. 

That doesn't necessarily mean students are allowed to toke up at will. Colleges and universities can still ban marijuana use, both recreational and medical, but they can no longer press criminal charges against students for doing so. Students are still allowed to receive disciplinary actions from their institutions.

Colleges and universities, even in legal marijuana states, continue to ban cannabis because of its illegal status at the federal level. Many of these institutions rely on government funding for its operations, and allowing marijuana use on campuses could jeopardize that.

That's why it's so rare to hear about college students using marijuana.

(h/t Arizona Central)


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