Argentinian Police Officers Claim Mice Ate Half Ton of Missing Marijuana

We've all heard the excuse about a dog eating a child's homework, but police officers in Argentina have decided to use the slightly less believable excuse of mice eating marijuana to avoid punishment.

Authorities in Buenos Aires, Argentina discovered that over half a ton of marijuana confiscated by the police and stored in a warehouse has gone missing. The city's former police commissioner and several officers claim that the missing marijuana was "eaten by mice."

Yes, that's what they actually said.

Forensic experts disputed this theory, saying it was unlikely that mice would actually view the drugs as a possible food source. And in the unlikely situation that they did, they would most likely die and there would've been evidence of dead mice in the warehouse.

Eight police officers have been fired as a result of the marijuana/mice investigation. The prime suspect appears to be former Buenos Aires police commissioner Javier Specia, who resigned from his position last year and did not sign the inventory on the cannabis in the warehouse. He's also under investigation for not presenting an income statement as well.

Isn't this the plot of that children's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

(h/t The Guardian)


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