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Archie Bunker Will Return to TV...Played By This Cannabis Enthusiast

One of television’s most beloved and controversial characters is returning to TV for one night only.

Next Wednesday, May 22, ABC is broadcasting two live episodes of classic Norman Lear comedies ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’, brought to life by modern Hollywood stars. 

‘All in the Family’ patriarch Archie Bunker - originally played by the late Carroll O’Connor - will be portrayed by Emmy winner, Oscar nominee and cannabis enthusiast Woody Harrelson.

‘All in the Family’ was a groundbreaking sitcom, dealing frankly with issues like racism, antisemitism, feminism, abortion and more. While it didn’t directly delve into marijuana, its spinoff ‘Archie Bunker’s Place’ did, in an episode called ‘Bunker Madness’. Suffice it to say, the irascible Archie probably wouldn’t be down with Woody’s lifestyle choices. 

Marisa Tomei will play Archie’s wife, Edith Bunker (previously portrayed by the late, great Jean Stapleton). Meanwhile, the ‘Jeffersons’ episode will feature Jamie Foxx taking over from Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson, and Wanda Sykes replacing Isabel Sanford as Louise ‘Weezy’ Jefferson. Jimmy Kimmel will produce the special.

Watch a clip of Kimmel talking with Howard Stern about the challenges of bringing Bunker and co. back to TV below:

Banner Image: Wikimedia Commons


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