Apple Fans Are Seeing Red

On March 21st, Apple unveiled a number of new, updated versions of their products including iPhone 7 devices and iPads. To celebrate its 10-year partnership with RED, an organization that is fighting AIDS, Apple introduced a red version of its iPhone 7 devices. Although they haven’t announced specific dates, the red devices will only be available for a limited time. When purchased, some of the proceeds from sales will further support RED and the fight against AIDS. Overall, in its 10-year relationship, Apple has contributed more than $130 million to RED, making it the largest corporate donor to the AIDS charities. 


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is the latest 2020 presidential candidate to throw their hat in the ring. Here's where he stands on cannabis. Mayor de Blasio has positioned himself as one of the more vocal proponents of Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to legalize recreational cannabis in New York over the past year.

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