Apple Fans Are Seeing Red

On March 21st, Apple unveiled a number of new, updated versions of their products including iPhone 7 devices and iPads. To celebrate its 10-year partnership with RED, an organization that is fighting AIDS, Apple introduced a red version of its iPhone 7 devices. Although they haven’t announced specific dates, the red devices will only be available for a limited time. When purchased, some of the proceeds from sales will further support RED and the fight against AIDS. Overall, in its 10-year relationship, Apple has contributed more than $130 million to RED, making it the largest corporate donor to the AIDS charities. 


After a battery of tests and misdiagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease twelve years ago, and thus began a long battle with trial-and-error medical treatments. I changed my diet several times, even though my doctors didn’t seem confident it would change much (it didn’t), went to physical therapy for pain-related issues, and took so many different pharmaceuticals I can’t even begin to recall each and every one. My days were foggy due to side effects from pharmaceuticals, such as steroids, that made me feel worse than I did before I even took them.

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