Apparently, At Least 200 Filmmakers Think Remaking ‘Shrek’ Shot-For-Shot Is A Good Idea

In a new trailer for an online project called ‘Shrek Retold,’ an all-star group 200 of filmmakers, including animators, sketch artists and vloggers announce their intention to recreate the 2001 DreamWorks hit 'Shrek' shot-for-shot for a “new” film that is sure to bug out anyone who’ll attempt to watch it while high.

Judging by the trailer, the cobbled-together movie looks like it will be something of a trip, blending a variety of styles and mediums of varying quality.

It’s not entirely surprising to see something like this coming about, considering similar things have been attempted before with other popular films, and ‘Shrek’ in particular has become a supreme muse for meme artists all over the internet.

Was is surprising, however, is that it comes shortly after the announcement that ‘Despicable Me’ Producer Chris Meledandri will be helming an official reboot of the film next year. So, I guess we’ll have to wait until 2019 to see who did it better.


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