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8 Best Marijuana Strains that Act as Aphrodisiacs

Today is Valentine’s Day, and for many people that means going out to dinner with a loved one and spending a romantic evening together. But while Valentine’s Day usually involves wine and chocolate, why not add some cannabis to the mix?

Here are eight strains of marijuana that are also great aphrodisiacs:

8. Asian Fantasy

Obviously, with a name like this you know what you’re getting into. It’s known to boost energy, relaxation and arousal, which makes it the perfect for some post-dinner romantic times.

7. Sour Dream

This hybrid of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel is quite pungent, so it may not be for everyone. This might be a great strain to go with a romantic comedy, because in addition to sparking loving feelings, it’s also known to give a case of the giggles.

6. Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights is a favorite among many users for sexy times. It’s a great strain already that boosts an energetic high that many people look for on this romantic day.

5. Flo

Experts (or should we say,sexperts!) say that more mild strains of marijuana are best for getting it on, as more potent strains can lead to performance issues. Flo’s a great strain to boost sociability and relax the body without a too powerful high.

4. Blue Cheese

Most people are going to crack a nice bottle of wine with their dinner on this romantic evening, and the best thing to go with that beverage is cheese. But if you want an alternative, why not try the Blue Cheese marijuana strain? It’ll give the cheese taste to pair with the wine. It’s also not to get people into a silly mood, which might be perfect for tonight.

3. Chocolope

Everyone knows chocolate is an aphrodisiac, which is why we eat so much of it on Valentine’s Day. But the Chocolope strain can do the same thing. Although it is a very potent strain, so it’s probably best only used by experienced cannabis users.

2. True OG

This is probably best to use if you’re nearing the end of the night. It’s known for very powerful effects right away that will lead excited sensations. But it will wear off shortly, so you’ll be able to drift off to sleep after getting all your romance out of the way.

1. Ultimate Trainwreck

First of all, this is just a great name for a strain of marijuana. But the fact that this is also the name of a strain that’s known for boosting arousal, focus and happiness makes it even better. This has to be your go-to on Valentine’s Day!

(h/t Leafly, Attn and Herb for strain information)


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