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5 Anti-Marijuana Politicians Who Are in Danger of Losing Their Seats in 2018

2018 could be a major election year for Democrats. Midterm elections tend to favor the minority party, and Donald Trump’s unpopularity won’t help Republicans. Since the GOP tends to oppose marijuana legalization more than Democrats, Republican losses could also be victories for cannabis fans.

Here are five anti-cannabis Republicans who are in danger this upcoming year.

5. Rep. Barbara Comstock (Virgnia)

Comstock is one of the few Republicans who managed to win her 2016 election despite being in a district that Hillary Clinton beat Trump by 10 percent. But anti-Trump activists have targeted her as a vulnerable Republican. She’s also consistently voted against any bill related to marijuana.

4. Rep. Peter Roskam (Illinois)

Roskam is a member of the Republican House leadership who’s opposed marijuana legalization bills throughout his tenure and is part of the cabal keeping these bills from receiving votes. Roskam won re-election in 2016, but major shifts in his district are not in his favor. Trump lost the district by seven points, after Romney had won it by eight in 2012. That’s a 15 point change towards the Democrats in four years. Perhaps those shifts will move to the congressional race as well.

3. Rep. Jeff Denham (California)

California Republicans are perhaps the biggest target for Democrats this November, and Denham is no exception. Denham has falsely claimed that drug abuse and crime rates increase with marijuana legalization, which will surely not be too popular in a state that just legalized the drug recreationally.

2. Sen. Dean Heller (Nevada)

Heller is one of the few incumbent Republican senators who’s both vulnerable and actually attempting to be re-elected. Heller has never supported marijuana legalization, however he has made a few statements in recent months saying he believes it should be a state issue. But people believe that’s more to do with him trying to save his seat in a state that just legalized marijuana than an actual belief of his.

1. Gov. Bruce Rauner (Illinois)

Rauner has actively blocked expansion of Illinois’ medical marijuana program and says he will never support recreational cannabis. He’s also one of the least popular governors in the country. Wonder if that’s just a coincidence?


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