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Here's Why an Anti-Marijuana Group Wants Michigan's Legislature to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Anti-marijuana groups usually oppose measures that legalize cannabis. That's why they're called "anti-marijuana" groups after all. But one organization opposed to cannabis is actually asking the Michigan legislature to make it legal.

The Committee to Keep Pot out of Neighborhoods and Schools, a political action committee recently formed to oppose a marijuana legalization ballot initiative in Michigan, is asking the state's legislature to legalize cannabis recreationally. If that sounds crazy, it's actually a fairly rational reaction. The committee saw recent poll results, as well as the historic success of marijuana ballot initiatives, and realized that the likelihood of defeating the initiative this November to legalize recreational marijuana is quite small. So, they want the Michigan legislature to pass its own recreational cannabis bill that would be more tightly regulated and restrictive than the proposal in the ballot initiative. 

“This committee was initially formed to defeat the recreational ballot proposal, but now we believe that the Legislature should amend and adopt the initiative before it’s too late,” said Mark Fisk, a spokesman for the committee. Marijuana legalization “will be a reality in Michigan. Initiatives have been approved in 29 states and polling has been very strong. Regardless of our feelings on the issue, the question now is how to regulate and control recreational marijuana."

This is actually not the first time anti-marijuana advocates have called on the Michigan legislature to legalize cannabis ahead of the ballot initiative. Some members of the state's Republican Party want to do so as well because they're worried the November ballot initiative will lead to an outpouring of more liberal or progressive-minded voters that could push them out of office.

Still, Republicans in charge of the state's legislature have been resistant to legalizing marijuana. Apparently they'd rather go down with the ship.

(h/t Detroit Free Press)


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