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Anti-Marijuana Group Creates Tracker for the Small Number of Political Donations Cannabis Companies Make

While the cannabis industry is growing and becoming more powerful, it still lacks the resources of other major industries such as Big Pharma or Big Beer. But that isn't stopping one anti-marijuana group from trying to expose cannabis' political corruption.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana, one of the largest anti-marijuana advocacy groups in the country, recently launched a new tracker to show people how much marijuana interest groups donated to politicians around America. The goal is obviously to expose pro-marijuana politicians for only doing it for the money. Take for instance in New York, where cannabis interests donated a grand total of...$15,000. That's $15,000 to five different politicians. In the entire state of New York. 

Uh, that's practically chump change in the political world.

Representative Earl Blumenauer was the politician who received the most pro-marijuana donations with $33,000. The next highest was Dina Titus who received $20,000.

Oh, we should also mention that this data is since 2014. So Blumenauer has received less than $10,000 per year from cannabis interests since 2014.

Let's compare these numbers to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2018 alone, Big Pharma spent $216 MILLION dollars on lobbying and donated around $42 million to various campaigns around the country. During the 2018 election cycle, the biggest recipient of Big Pharma contributions was Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey who received $533,339. That's more than $500,000 more than Earl Blumenauer has received from cannabis interest groups over the past four years.

It's just so ridiculous the arguments anti-marijuana groups make against legalization. If you're actually worried about evil organizations donating politicians to allow them to continue corrupting people, go after Big Pharma who's spending hundreds of millions of dollars to flood America with dangerous opioids!

(h/t Newsweek)


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