Congress's Biggest Anti-Marijuana Crusader Lost His Re-Election Bid

In a night filled with victories for marijuana legalization, there was also good news down in Texas as one of marijuana's biggest enemies was voted out of office.

Republican Congressman Pete Sessions lost his bid for re-election to former NFL player Colin Allred. Sessions (no relation to Attorney General Jeff Sessions) had represented his district since 1997 and was one of the most senior members of the Republican House.

As the Chairman of the Rules Committee since 2017, Sessions controlled what pieces of legislation received votes on the House floor. In that position, he blocked nearly every piece of legislation related to marijuana legalization. So his removal is definitely a big victory for cannabis advocates, even if his power to block legislation would've gone away anyways since Democrats retook the majority in the House of Representatives. 

Allred on the other hand says he supports medical marijuana, although he hasn't gone all the way to support recreational marijuana. But considering the man he just beat was about as far anti-marijuana as you can be without being named Jeff Sessions, that's definitely an improvement.

(h/t New York Post)


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