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Trump's Brand New Communications Director Just Had a Rambling Meltdown on CNN

As if the Trump administration didn't need more controversy, the White House's new Communications Director called into CNN this morning and had a four-minute meltdown live on-air.

Anthony Scaramucci was recently hired as the Communications Director for President Trump, and he's already created quite a bit of controversy. The biggest incident involved Scaramucci threatening to use the FBI to investigate White House Chief-of-Staff Reince Preibus for leaking his private financial information.

Here's the since-deleted tweet that started the controversy:

scaramucci reince preibus tweet

The first problem with this tweet is Scaramucci's financial disclosure info is actually public record that can be accessed through a simple request by literally anybody. 

The second problem is this is fricking crazy! This guy's worked in the White House for a few weeks and he's accusing one of the president's highest-level staffers of illegal leaks. And while he doesn't specifically call for Preibus to be investigated in the tweet, reporters have confirmed that's exactly the case. Here's a tweet from New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza:

This morning Lizza appeared on CNN to discuss Scaramucci and this whole crazy story. To make things even crazier, Scaramucci called into the show to defend himself. During the call, he talked about how leakers would've been hanged for their crimes 150 years ago and compared his relationship with Preibus to Cain and Abel. Anyone who's familiar with the Bible knows that Cain kills Abel, so that's probably not the best comparison to make.

Check out the whole interview above. 

Just another day in the Trump presidency.


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