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Anthony Bourdain's Final Thoughts on Marijuana

Anthony Bourdain's final interview is sprawling and intimate. Topics ranged from political turmoil in the United States to the importance of meeting new people and accepting them without judgement. And iIn one of the more light hearted moments in the interview, Bourdain revealed how he felt about drug consumption at his age, saying he saves the cannabis for when he's home, unwinding.

"I can smoke weed at home when I don’t need my brain anymore but like as far as socially interacting with people, or being any situation where I might be called upon to answer the phone or make a decision? I’m not gonna do it," Bourdain told Popula.

But while Bourdain enjoyed having a puff now and then, he wasn't interested in doing an occasional line anymore - regardless of whether he was on or off the clock. And he was astounded that people in the UK still break out coke at parties. 

"This is one of the things I find so weird about England! Every time I’m there, I’ll be out drinking with perfectly reasonable, nice people. And then happens every time! Let’s get some charlie...some coke! And suddenly everybody’s high on coke, and it’s like what is this, 1986?! I mean who does cocaine anymore? What the fuck?!"

The revered chef, writer and TV personality died on June 8th. Known for his commitment to the lived experiences of the people who inhabited the places he visited across the world, his unique perspectives on food and travel will continue to have broad cultural significance.


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