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Anthony Bourdain's Best Marijuana Moments

With marijuana becoming more socially acceptable, a number of cannabis chefs are entering the industry. But the most famous is undoubtedly Anthony Bourdain - the hard-living cook turned journalist after the success of his gritty tell-all Kitchen Confidential (2001), which recalls his misadventures taking hits of pot and anything else he could get his hands on while working in New York.

Since then, Bourdain - who turns 60 today - has achieved fame as the host of the shows No Reservations (2005-2012), The Layover (2011-2013) and Parts Unknown (2013-present). And he even has a pot phenomenon named after him. Not bad for a guy who achieved fame at 45. But he has no regrets to the meandering path he took to international success.

"I made a number of really important decisions in my life very early on," he joked with Mark Binelli of Men's Health in 2012. "I didn't go to France. I didn't even bang on the doors of the best restaurants in New York, begging for a position. I took the money, I took the girls, I took the drugs. I had a hell of a good time."

While he's kicked the other vices, he still drinks and smokes cannabis liberally. And he's turned the latter recreation into the basis for something like method-cooking.

"Chefs are in the pleasure business, and it's important to understand your subject," he told Binelli. "If you know what it's like to be stoned and hungry at one o'clock in the morning, it's helpful when you're trying to create a menu for people who are stoned and hungry at one o'clock in the fucking morning."

Cannabis has also taken his career to some interesting places. Here are his best marijuana moments as a tele-journalist.

1. The perfect way to enjoy marijuana

During a Q & A session at Barnes & Noble in 2011, Bourdain was asked to weigh in on the perfect way to consume cannabis.

"I will tell you - with authority - that the perfect delivery system for a joint," he said. "A classic joint. I prefer two papers. Purists will say one paper. [But] two papers burns more evenly."

He also went on a rant about bongs and novelty papers with stripes and graphics. Check it out.

2. Happy Pizza

In September 2012, the Travel Channel aired the "No Reservations" special episode Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. The feature included Bourdain wrapping up a visit to Cambodia by partaking in the American ex-pat tradition of eating "happy pizza."

"What makes this pizza happy so happy?" he quipped. "Let's just say there's a powerful herbal component to this pizza...It's the pizza that makes you insane in the membrane."

Bourdain never actually says that it contains cannabis. But he drops a few hints: "Cures glaucoma too," he joked while also hamming it up with his impression of a paranoid stoner.

3. Copenhagen's 'Pusher Street'

An October 2013 episode of "Parts Unknown" featured a visit to "Pusher Street" in the weed-friendly green-light district of Copenhagen, Denmark. While there, Bourdain checked out the cannabis wares and sampled a quail egg that appeared to be cured with cannabis smoke. The dish left a glassy-eyed Bourdain wanting more - eggs as well as marijuana, perhaps.

He didn't smoke on screen, of course. Well, not obviously at least. There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it point in the clip's montage showing Bourdain exhaling something. Could just be tobacco, right?

4. Morocco's hashish edibles

While visiting Morocco for a May 2013 episode of "Parts Unknown," Bourdain went underground to learn how cannabis cooks create majoon - a hashish delicacy made of chocolate, nuts, fruits, honey and, of course, hash. He also stopped by a marijuana cafe in Tangier, where Moroccans and visitors stop by for a casual puff during the day.

But Bourdain says he got a contact high that left him rambling a scat rendition of I Am the Walrus.

5. Bourdain's Anti-Drug PSA

We've saved the best for last. A January 2012 episode of "The Layover" featured Bourdain visiting Amsterdam. And you can imagine the sort of hijinks that ensued. But before he visited the red-light district - where he says he was ambushed by karaoke singers and rambunctious pandas - Bourdain offered up a PSA for viewers.

"The use of any controlled substance by me or any member of this crew would be absolutely forbidden according to network standards and all rules of human decency," he told the camera while arriving at the airport. "Remember kids: don't do drugs. We don't."

And in case his sarcasm wasn't clear enough, he gave the camera an eye roll as he walked off screen

banner image: Flickr / Lwp Kommunikacio


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