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Anthony Bourdain Wants Fans To Stop Giving Him Free Cocaine

Chef Anthony Bourdain doesn't regret the hard lifestyle he lived in the first 25 years of his culinary career, when he spent long, gruelling hours strung out on pretty much every drug you can name in kitchens hot enough to make hell seem like a steam room. But he does regret writing about those experiences in 'Kitchen Confidential' because fans won't stop slipping him free cocaine.

"People would come up to me after this book at readings...and they'd high-five me with one hand and slide me a packet of cocaine with the other," Bourdain told Seth Meyers yesterday. "And I'm like, 'Dude, did you not read the book? Drugs did not work out so great for me.'"

Those incidents made him think critically about the toxic kitchen culture that he's helped popularize and perpetuate — one that is especially unfriendly to women.

"I provided validation for a kind of meathead mentality, a bro-culture that has not been historically good particularly for women," he added. "I don't want to think I lowered the level of the discourse, but I don't think I helped it."

Check out the clip above for more of Bourdain's reflections on his life and work.


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