Anthony Bourdain Is Getting His Own Digital-Only Platform

We’ve watched him sample the cultures and cuisines of everywhere from Miami to Madagascar. Now, Anthony Bourdain is poised to explore the World Wide Web for our viewing pleasure.  

The celebrity chef and star of CNN’s 'Parts Unknown' is launching his own digital-only platform.

Bourdain is partnering with CNN president Jeff Zucker for the “mobile-first” endeavour, which has been coined ‘Explore Parts Unknown.’

The platform will offer original longform journalism, video, photography and interactive content, including an exclusive six-episode series starring Bourdain himself.

The show will premiere alongside 'Parts Unknown' with the goal of "go[ing] as far as [they] can, as weird as [they] can, as deep as [they] can and as smart as [they] can."

While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what viewers can expect from the new platform, we at least know one person who won’t be making any appearances.

"President Trump is not a person who, in my 30 years of watching him as a fellow New Yorker, has ever exhibited anything resembling curiosity about anything outside of himself,” said Bourdain when asked by reporters whether Trump would appear on his show for any reason.

"I could most charitably say I can't really see him as an engaging subject. The world he lives in seems very, very small.”

Sign us up. 

h/t Travel and Leisure 

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