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The Cannabis Handbag For Professional Women (It Makes A Great Gift, Guys)

Professional women who happen to enjoy cannabis shouldn’t have to feel like “guilty teenagers” every time they wish to consume in public.

This is the philosophy behind AnnaBis, a Los Angeles company whose goal is to provide the sophisticated woman with a sophisticated alternative for carrying her stash.

That alternative is a series of high-end cannabis handbags equipped with special scent-blocking technology, so your passion is made both posh and private.

“There are currently 16 million women in the U.S. who consume cannabis, and the way they’re carrying it in baggies, tea-tins and old giveaway cosmetic bags,” AnnaBis CEO Jeanine Moss told Civilized.

“For a woman who considers herself fashionable, that’s really not acceptable. You don’t want to pull a baggie out of your Coach bag.”

The bags come in a variety of styles, sizes and prints, all rigged with airtight zippers and Aroma-Bloc Technology consisting of thin layers of resin film typically used in the medical, food and electronic industries.

Moss believes they allow women to “honor” a part of their lives that society has long been determined to stigmatize.

“I think that [women] want to celebrate their authentic selves, to celebrate and support their authentic selves. So to pretend a part of you doesn’t exist or that it doesn’t deserve recognition is not recognizing yourself,” said Moss.

“Think about it like this: If you play tennis, you have all your tennis clothes. If you cook, you have all your cooking accessories… Cannabis is a part of the personal journeys of 16 million women and yet there’s been no way for them to honor or express that [until now.]"

Annabis handbags

“[An AnnaBis bag] shows that you respect yourself and your choices, and enables you to make [cannabis] part of your life in the same way that you make your iPhone or your wallet just a part of your life.”

AnnaBis launched with its first line of bags in December 2015, and it quickly became apparent to Moss that men were nearly as interested in purchasing the bags for their loved ones as women were for themselves.

“When we launched, 40 percent of our customers were men buying for their cannabis-loving mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmas and significant others,” said Moss.

“A lot of men are concerned that a woman isn’t going to like the gift they buy for them… AnnaBis [is an ideal gift] because it’s something that no one has since it didn’t exist before we invented it.”

Having seen the appetite for AnnaBis products as Christmas gifts last year, the company recently released a line of holiday bags that include waistbags, wristlets and crossbodys ranging in price from $95 to $245. The least expensive bag on the website is $70. 

“I’d say that the biggest thing we were able to [perfect] over the last year was higher quality, better construction, better materials and more functional design… and our fashion got ramped up a lot,” said Moss.

“I know I sound like the quintessential entrepreneur waxing romantic about the products, but honestly I feel that way because I’m also the consumer.”

You can shop for AnnaBis products for yourself or a loved one well in time for the holidays here.

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