This Animated Map Shows When Every American City was Founded, from the 1500s to Today

Just over 400 years ago, the first American colony was established at Jamestown in Virginia. Now four centuries later, the United States of America is largest economy in the world with a population of over 300 million. But it didn't get that way overnight. A Reddit user named GrzegorzusLudi created an animated map showing when America's largest cities were founded.

GrzegorzusLudi took the list of the 5000 most populous American cities and figured out when they were founded. He then created this animated map showing the timeline. Take a look:


If you're wondering why the shapes of some of the states is a little weird, it's because he used a map of territorial waters and not just a map of landmass. 

The map shows how the country slowly expanded to the west and then just boomed around the mi-1800s. Also, you learn that the New Mexico had cities established before places like Wisconsin or Minnesota or other places in the Midwest. 

But most importantly, this just confirms that Wyoming has never had anything going on.


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