Andrew Dice Clay On Trump: 'This Guy Stole My Whole Act To Become President'

Shock comic Andrew Dice Clay is back, and he's got a few beefs with President Donald Trump, whose 2016 presidential campaign was really an elaborate form of plagiarism according to The Diceman. "This guy stole my whole act to become president," Clay told Stephen Colbert last night on 'The Late Show,' adding that Trump didn't really understand what he was ripping off. "The bottom line is, what I do is an act."

Clay also called out Trump - whom he's known for years - for mishandling the deadly protest in Charlottesville last weekend. 

"I've known Donald for a long time. I did 'The Apprentice.' He used to book me in his hotels. And that's all good. That's all business. But when you want to run the country, you make it safe for everyone that lives in that country."

Check out the rest of the standup's tough talk for Trump - including what Clay would do if he were in Trump's shoes.


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