Andrew Dice Clay Says Taking 'Two Hits Of Weed' Was The Secret To His Success

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay says cannabis is the secret to his success. In a recent interview with Maxim, the shock comic revealed that he developed his outrageous standup material in the 80s and 90s by having a couple tokes before beginning his sets.

"I’ll go on stage, I’ll take two hits of fuckin’ weed, and then I get into all that," Clay said. "With the weed, I developed a whole different style of performance, a whole different pace, a whole different kind of material. I don’t think about my show until the words come out of my mouth, and that’s how bits are formed—not by being at home and writing it down like an asshole."

But Clay didn't mess with booze or harder drugs because they looked like a self-imposed death sentence to him. 

"I did all of those arenas without a drop of wine in me. I didn’t make it in the business to kill myself with cocaine and alcohol and all the other shit they do. Today, they’re mixing cough syrup in with shit. They’re just killing themselves. They’re morons. If you do drugs, you’re dead. One way or the other, you’re dead. That's the bottom line."

For more reflections on his career, check out the second season of Clay's quasi-fictional Showtime series 'Dice.' And if you want to hear more comedians talk about marijuana, check out our list of the top 50 standup comics on cannabis.


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