Forget 420: This City Gets A Whole Week Of Weed-Themed Celebrations

Forget 420: why have a single day dedicated to cannabis when you can have a week-long weed festival?

September 6 through 11 has been declared Weed Week In Anchorage, Alaska: the goal, organizers say, is to bring together the cannabis community to share information, insights, and top-quality cannabis, normalizing the use of the plant and promoting cannabis tourism in the north.

Activities planned for Anchorage's Weed Week include the Taste of Terps festival, where participants can sample cannabis products ranging from flower to edibles and concentrates, educational seminars on the differences between strains, cooking with cannabis, and the role of the endocannabinoid system in mood and anxiety disorders. As one might expect from any heavily corporate-sponsored cannabis festival in 2016, there's a strong business focus to the event, with entrepreneurs and business leaders gathering at the Pitch Fest and Demo Day.

The Cannabis Classic will also partner with Weed Week on the Mid-Summer Harvest Cup, a competition showcasing who's got the Highest THC/CBD, Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Hybrid, and a host of other categories. Past winners include Evan Schlosberg, grower and owner of Matanuska Thunder Seeds. 

Tickets range from $99 for the early bird package, available until August 15, to a $275 VIP package that includes access to the following: the award show, yoga, Fun Run and Beer Tasting, the Taste of Terps Festival, Wake 'n' Bake Brunch, and seminars. 

Head North To Weed Week

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Posted by Civilized on Friday, July 29, 2016


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