Watch: Mom Confronts Trudeau About Cannabis

Americans and Canadians don't often see their federal politicians engage in extended conversations about cannabis. Most of them shy away from the issue altogether, or give quick, non-committal answers and avoid follow-up questions. Check out this conversation from 2013 that's been shared on social media since Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's election win Oct. 19.

The incoming prime minister is fully - and fearlessly - engaging a Canadian voter on an issue where there's sharp disagreement. He's pro-legalization, and she's an opponent with concerns about youth and people with addictions. Even though they have opposing viewpoints, they treat each other with respect and really talk it out - very impressive in an age where most politicians seem to have pre-screened and controlled conversations with voters and constituents.


You’ll often see people advocating for marijuana research, and you may wonder why the heck we’re still doing that. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, and we surely must know all of its effects, right? Well, not quite.