An Airport In Argentina Was Evacuated Because Of A Marijuana Grinder

A discarded cannabis grinder caused Astor Piazzolla airport to be evacuated yesterday.

The source of a scare in the coastal Argentine city of Mar del Plata was a small piece of cannabis paraphernalia, but this isn't a case of reefer madness. The grinder—which seems to have been left behind by a passenger—was shaped like a grenade, causing airport authorities to mistaken it for a live explosive explained Alejandro Itzcovich, the head of Argentina's national airport police security.

"Someone must have discarded the artifact before boarding on a plane." Adding that authorities have since "confirmed that it was not an explosive and we're now trying to determine who the owner of this object is."

The evacuation caused several flights to be delayed. And it's not the first time that a grenade grinder has caused this sort of problem. A similar instance happened in California back in 2016.

And with the US border patrol's tightening stance on cannabis enforcement, we suggest leaving your smoking essentials at home—especially if they look like weapons.

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