America’s Last Blockbuster Gets Into Craft Beer

After a few remaining stragglers in Alaska closed this past summer, the Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon, is now officially the last of its kind.

Now, it’s got its own beer.

Considering Netflix and other streaming services have effectively obliterated the physical media market for rentals, Blockbuster is considered by most to be about as essential as a daguerreotypist (look it up).

But, because of the high cost of broadband internet in certain areas, DVD rentals are still holding strong in gas stations and small businesses. The Oregon store, however, is the last to carry the one-mighty Blockbuster name.

The location has since turned into something of a tourist trap, an oddity, frozen in time for nostalgia hounds looking to browse through stacks of Adam Sandler DVDs like it was 2005 again.

To capitalize on this fleeting market, the store has teamed up with 10 Barrel Brewing Co. to create a new craft beer to commemorating the last-standing location. The beer itself is described as a "black ale with nuances of red licorice," and will be released during a launch party at the Oregon store.

The press release also stated that 'The Last Blockbuster' "pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate with a light body, smooth finish and hints of nostalgia."

So it sounds perfect for those that want to, drink, reminisce, and sit around watching the entire first season of House on their Playstation 2.


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