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Majority of Americans Believe States, Not the Federal Government, Should Handle Marijuana Laws

Many politicians in recent months have argued that the federal government should allow the states to determine their own marijuana laws without interference. And it appears Americans agree with them.

A new poll of 2,200 Americans found that they believe states, not the federal government, should handle marijuana laws. 56 percent of respondents said they believe states should be responsible for regulating cannabis and only 26 percent said that should be left to the federal government.

The results were also pretty even among political ideologies. 55 percent of respondents who support President Donald Trump said they believe it should be left to the states, and 60 percent of respondents who don't support Trump also said the responsibility should belong to the states. So regardless of whether they like or dislike Trump, they still supported states making their own marijuana laws.

The poll didn't ask why the respondents believe marijuana should be regulated by the states. It's possible that conservatives simply believe most issues should be resolved by states and marijuana's just part of that list, while liberals probably want it left to the states since the federal government is so anti-cannabis right now. It would be interesting to see if these results were to change if a slew of pro-marijuana politicians were elected to Congress.



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