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74 Percent of Americans Support Bill Protecting Legal Marijuana States

We know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pretty out of step from the average American when it comes to marijuana, but a new poll shows just how out-of-touch he is.

A new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University found that 74 percent of American support Congress passing a bill that would protect states with legalized marijuana. The poll comes in the wake of news that Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner and Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren are working on a bill that would do exactly that. Gardner also says that President Donald Trump has said he approves of the legislative effort.

Of course, this legislative approach wouldn't be necessary if Sessions hadn't repealed the Cole Memo, a guideline created by the Obama administration that allowed states with legalized marijuana to conduct business without federal interference as long as certain criteria were met. So in essence, 74 percent of Americans are saying they disagree with Sessions' rescinding the Cole Memo.

The new poll also found a slight increase in the number of people who support marijuana legalization with 63 percent, compared to 61 percent last August. 

Do you think Jeff Sessions is completely unaware that the majority of Americans disagree with him or does he just simply not care?

(h/t Marijuana Business Daily)


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