Americans Say Marijuana Is Safer Than All Forms of Tobacco

Many anti-marijuana advocates have argued that using cannabis is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. But according to a new poll, no one's buying that argument.

A new Gallup poll of 1,000 Americans found that they believe marijuana is far less dangerous than all forms of tobacco. Only 27 percent of Americans said they believe cannabis is "very harmful," compared to 82 percent for cigarettes, 71 percent for chewing tobacco and 56 percent for cigars. 42 percent of respondents said marijuana is either not too harmful or not at all harmful, while the three forms of tobacco mentioned above all received less than 10 percent for those two responses.

Vaping was considered slightly more dangerous than marijuana, with 38 percent saying they believe it's "very harmful," and only 21 percent saying it's either not too harmful or not at all harmful. But those numbers still put vaping below all other forms of tobacco as well.

Gallup also asked respondents about what substances they use on a regular basis. Despite being seen as the most dangerous, 20 percent of those surveyed said they either regularly or occasionally smoke cigarettes. Marijuana came in second with 13 percent saying they regularly or occasionally use cannabis, which is roughly the same as other national polls. Nine percent of Americans said they were regular or occasional vapers.

Based on these numbers, it seems that people making the argument that marijuana is just as dangerous as cigarettes will probably fall on deaf ears. So it looks like anti-cannabis advocates will need to find a new lie to make their case.

(h/t Gallup)


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