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75 Percent of Americans Would Give Up Coffee for a Year for $1,000

For some people, coffee is the only thing that helps them get through the morning. But what would it take to get people to give it up for good? Apparently, $1,000.

Acorns, a micro-investing app, recently conducted a study about investment, spending and other financial habits of Americans. As part of the study, they asked people what they would do for $1,000. According to their results, 75 percent of Americans would go without Internet and go an entire year without coffee for $1,000. Both of those options were ahead of working more hours and going to jail.

Of course, if you are someone who goes to Starbucks or another coffee shop everyday, there's a pretty good chance if you actually did give up coffee you would save $1000 a year.

The study also found that around one-third of people spent more money on coffee in 2017 than they invested. And 70 percent of people would rather share how much they weighed rather than how much money they saved.

75 percent of people also said they wouldn't watch the final season of Game of Thrones for $1,000. 

Personally, my number for that last one would be much higher.

(h/t Acorns)


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