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Americans Ate A Staggering Number Of Chicken Wings Last Night - Among Other Snacks

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t the only one breaking records during last night’s epic Super Bowl.

Americans were estimated to have wolfed down 1.33 billion chicken wings yesterday – up two percent from last year’s game day weekend and a steady increase over the last few years.

These findings come from the National Chicken Council (yes, there is such a thing), who predicted that Americans would eat enough wings – 166.25 million pounds – to weigh 338 times more than the combined weight of all 32 National Football League teams.

Of course, wings aren’t the only Super Bowl staple consumed en masse by fans every Super Bowl Sunday. The California Avocado Commission (another organization that really exists) predicted Americans would eat 104.8 million pounds of avocado this year.

And what’s guac without chips? While the numbers haven’t yet been tallied for this year’s potato chip consumption, Nielsen reported that Americans sent $227 million on potato chips last year, as well as $42 million on salsas, quesos and other dips.

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The numbers were equally staggering for beer, pizza and sandwiches, with Americans shelling out $1.2 billion on brewskis, $12.5 million on pizzas and $58 million on deli treats.

Try not to feel too weighed down by these stats, though. We’re sure you were doing plenty of jumping up and screaming yesterday, which has to count for something in the calorie-burning department – right?

h/t Fortune, Tasting Table


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