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Americans And Canadians Are Most Concerned If These 10 Types Of People Smoke Weed

Attitudes toward cannabis may be changing among North Americans, but that doesn’t mean that people are okay with just anybody lighting up.

The Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll, conducted with PSB, asked both cannabis users and non-users in North America who they would most concerned to learn smoked pot.

10. Their boss

49 per cent of Canadians and 48 per cent of Americans wouldn’t be super pleased to learn that their boss was a marijuana enthusiast. Although I’m not sure why they would care: wouldn’t a pot-smoking boss be more laid back and fun to work with?

9. Their accountant

Crunching numbers might not sound like the most fun work ever, but it’s important to be detail-oriented and precise in accounting. Maybe that’s why over half of North Americans are not alright with their accountant getting high after they file their taxes.

8. Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau

Contrary to last year’s poll, when people were significantly more okay with Justin Trudeau lighting up than Donald Trump, this year it seems that North Americans are equally concerned about potential presidential or prime ministerial pot use.  

51 per cent of Canadians would rather Trudeau abstained, and only slightly more (55 per cent) of Americans, aren’t okay with Trump toking. Probably because he’s never done it (so he says), so who knows what kind of effect it might have on him. We don’t need him any less stable than he is sober.

7. Supreme Court Justices

They make the decisions in the biggest cases in the country, so it isn’t all too surprising that 60 per cent of Americans and 66 per cent of Canadians wouldn’t be okay with a Supreme Court justice heading home and pulling out their pipe.

6. Their doctor

Medical marijuana might be more widely accepted than ever before, but it seems that most people don’t want the doctors prescribing it to write themselves a script too. 63 per cent of Canadians and 62 per cent of Americans would prefer it if their docs left the medicine to their patients.

5. Your kid’s teacher

When you’re a kid, it’s awkward enough running into your teacher outside of school, since it’s easy to forget that teachers have lives outside of school. However, parents pay a lot more attention to that sort of thing. The majority of both Canadians and Americans would rather their kid’s teacher stay sober.

4. Your train conductor

A lot of trains are automated, but it’s still important to be on guard as a conductor, just in case something happens. That’s why almost three quarters of North Americans would rather they didn’t consume cannabis.

3. Your bus driver

As long as you’re not driving while high, I don’t personally see the problem with my bus driver smoking weed, but it appears that a lot of North Americans disagree with me. 72 per cent of Canadians and 71 per cent of Americans are not okay with their public transit officials using marijuana.

2. Your child

I don’t think any parent is ever super excited to find out that their children are doing drugs, especially if they are under the legal age of consumption and their brains are still developing. That might be why 72 per cent of Americans and 77 per cent of Canadians would punish their offspring if they found a dime bag in their dresser drawer.

1. Your pilot

Airplanes nowadays might basically fly themselves, and they’re a safer mode of transportation than anything on the ground, but that doesn’t mean pilots get a free pass to get high while they’re flying high.

Pilots are the one professional that people want to keep in tip-top shape. 78 per cent of Canadians and 77 per cent of Americans are worried that they’ll crash and burn if their pilot burns one down a la Ben Harper.

Banner Image: Science Photo Library / Getty Images


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