CBS Poll Says Majority Of American Women Now Support Legalization

The world of cannabis is far from a boys club - but for a variety of reasons, women have historically been shyer than their male counterparts when it comes voicing their views on legalization. Women's support for repealing cannabis prohibition has polled as high as 48 percent in recent national polls; however, the numbers consistently "trail men's approval by 8-13 points," according to Johnny Green of the Weed Blog, who adds that "women are also around 15 percent less likely to admit that they have tried marijuana."

But as with a lot of aspects of North American cannabis culture, all of that is changing in 2016.

A new public opinion poll commissioned by CBS News indicates that, for the first time, more than half of women surveyed - 54 percent - openly support legalization. They also "make up a sizeable – and growing – portion of the executive ranks in the marijuana industry, including 63 percent of high-level positions at testing labs and nearly 50 percent of such roles at infused products and processing companies," according to data from the Marijuana Business Daily.

According to our inaugural Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll conducted by Environics Research Group, women are also more likely than men to believe that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol, suggesting that more women are opening up the benefits of cannabis use vis-a-vis other substances - an attitudinal shift that's crucial to the success of the pro-legalization movement.


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