America's Major Rivers Reimagined as a Subway Map

Back in the day, maps were a vital part of people's lives. Today, we can just ask Siri where to find everything we need. Hungry? Ask Siri where to find food. Need shelter? Use Google search to find a hotel. Yet despite our reliance on technology, we still have a fascination with maps. Although, usually they need a little 21st century makeover. 

A map received of America's maps received a lot of attention on Reddit recently. Of course, it was no ordinary map. It was a reimagining of America's major rivers as a subway map. Take a look:

america rivers as subway lines

The map was made by Theodore Rindos, a graphic artist living in New York City. If you want to see his other work, as well as a full-resolution version of the river subway map, check out his personal website.

A few of America's major rivers are missing, primarily those in the Northeast. But Rindos says he wasn't able to include every river because they were too close together to fit as subway lines. 

Now we just need someone to kayak or canoe down all the subway lines so we know how long people's commutes will be depending on which line they take.


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