Here Are the Places in America With the Most Psychopaths

The thing about psychopaths is that you can never tell one just by looking at them. But now we know which places to avoid if you want to live a psychopath-free life.

An economist from Southern Methodist University wrote a paper attempting to find which places in America had the highest rates of psychopaths. While we tend to view psychopaths as violent people who like killing, the true definition used by the economist used the more clinical definition of disinhibition, boldness, and meanness.

According to the researcher, the state with the highest rate of psychopaths is Connecticut, followed by California, New Jersey, New York and Wyoming. The states with the lowest rates of psychopaths were West Virginia, Vermont and North Carolina.

However, while Connecticut may have finished number one among states for psychopaths, it wasn't actually the place in America with the highest rate of such individuals. Unsurprisingly, Washington D.C. came in number for the highest rate of psychopaths in the United States. In fact, D.C. has a rate of psychopaths nearly two times as many as Connecticut, the number one state for psychopaths.

Basically, it seems that psychopaths are drawn to Washington D.C.

Perhaps that's not the worst thing in the world. Psychopaths are bold who will fight for their beliefs, which can be good as long as you agree with the same causes they do. Although it also means they're resistant to compromise or changing their beliefs, which is a pretty bad quality to have in politicians.

We have no idea why there are so many psychopaths living in Wyoming though.

(h/t Science Alert)


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