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Just How Stressed Is America Right Now?

Well, the future of the United States looks pretty grim for most people, and as it turns out, that has Americans a little bit on edge.

According to the American Psychological Association, almost two thirds of Americans say that the country’s future is a significant source of stress for them, and 59 per cent of Americans say they consider this the lowest point in human history. This includes people who’ve lived through things like World War II, the Vietnam War, or September 11.

In fact, this year, more people are stressed about the current state of the United States (63 per cent) than about the usual stressful things like money or work.

The APA’s annual Stress in America report also showed that at least there’s one thing uniting the left and the right. Adults from all political parties say that the country’s future stresses them out, although Democrats were about 15 per cent more stressed than Republicans or Independents.

The country’s biggest stressors are health care, the economy, trust in government, and hate crimes, and women reported significantly more stress than men.

There’s also evidence that it’s not just everything going on in the world right now that is stressing Americans out, but the fact that they learn about it almost instantaneously. Most people said they follow the news regularly, even though more than half say that doing so causes them stress.

So turn off the TV for your own mental health, every once in a while, and do your part to keep America’s stress down.

h/t EurekaAlert


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