'America Is More Addicted To Drug Money Than They Are Addicted To Drugs,' Former DEA Agent

If you want to know why the Trump administration's plan to revive the War on Drugs is doomed to fail, check out the new documentary series America's War on Drugs. The History channel feature - which debuted earlier this month - exposes the hypocrisy and corruption behind America's anti-drug crusade by interviewing people who have served on the front lines.

Former DEA agent Celerino Castillo captured that hypocrisy perfectly in the series by telling producers, "America is more addicted to drug money than they are addicted to drugs." But perhaps the biggest irony is that the History channel is airing the series that is more relevant now than ever since Attorney General Jeff Sessions is determined to revive the drug war against marijuana and other federally prohibited substances. 

"We have an administration, led by AG Sessions, promising to bring back the War on Drugs' most draconian policies, including mandatory sentencing laws," producer Anthony Lappé told Rolling Stone. "Policies that most experts on all ends of the spectrum agree do little to stop people from consuming drugs and end up doing incalculable harm to communities for generations."

Despite the fact that the call for a crackdown on banned substances is coming from Trump's Republican administration, Lappé insists that the drug war isn't a partisan issue. And if you're on the fence about the issue, he thinks watching this series will change your mind.

"It's not a left or right thing. This crosses administrations and ideologies," Lappé added. "Here we are, with the War on Drugs making a stealth comeback and few Americans knowing the real story of its origins, or truly understanding why it has never worked. It's never been a more timely topic because if they did, they would be shocked." 


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