Is America's First Museum Exhibit About Cannabis Evidence The Culture Is Becoming More Elevated?

It's being hailed as the first-ever museum exhibit in America entirely focused on cannabis. Altered State: Marijuana in California, opens Apr. 16 at the Oakland Museum of California.

"We hope this exhibit encourages people to think critically about marijuana, the research available on it, and how it is presented in the media," says OMCA's Associate Curator of Natural Sciences Sarah Seiter. "Our goal is that this exhibition will help people have informed conversations with their families and friends about what type of marijuana policy is right for California."

It will explore not only the plant and its myriad medical and recreational uses, but also the evolution of public attitudes and complex policy and social issues.

As OMCA states, "With marijuana increasingly in the news, and California on the verge of making important decisions around marijuana that will impact people living in this state, the exhibition provides a community space where people can come together to learn, question, discuss, and add their voice to the different points of views surrounding this complex and evolving topic."

A museum members-only preview will take place at OMCA Apr. 15, with a glimpse of the exhibition and contributors on hand to meet visitors and discuss the development of the project and ideas presented in the show. The exhibit runs until Sept. 25 with a general admission fee of $15.95.

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