Amazon Customers Call for Cryptocurrency, Prescription Drugs, and Medical Marijuana

A significant portion of Amazon shoppers want the website to be their new dealers.

This is according to a recent survey from, which polled 1,000 Amazon users. 43 percent of respondents said that they no longer shop in malls, and only infrequently visit other brink and mortar shops. And, seeing as 88 percent say that the company should add more items to their inventory, it seems that many of them are looking to do as much shopping as possible from the comfort of their couch.

The survey found that 30 percent of shoppers would be comfortable purchasing their medical marijuana under the Amazon brand. Similarly, 37 percent said they would purchase Amazon brand prescription drugs from the company, and 13 percent said they would be willing to purchase cryptocurrency created by the site.

This is not entirely surprising, as people become more confident in buying everything from books to food online. In some places, like Ontario, cannabis can only be legally purchased via the province’s online store, suggesting that this is not an entirely novel idea.

While Amazon has not made any moves in this direction just yet, the demand is clearly there. And with the company’s shares continuing to rise exponentially, there is plenty of room to move into these areas.

So, don’t be surprised when, in five years' time, you find yourself smoking Amazon weed out of an Amazon bong while watching  ‘Amazon Women on the Moon’ on Amazon Prime.

h/t Market Watch


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