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'All the Guys that I Made Music with Won’t Even Talk to Me': David Crosby Offers Unflinching Self Assessment in New Doc

Legendary rocker and cannabis advocate David Crosby has recorded 8 platinum albums, and he's been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice - once as a member of The Byrds and once as a third of Crosby, Stills and Nash. So it might seem like he's got it all, but the one thing that he's still longing for is friendship.

Despite collaborating with some of the biggest names of the 60s counterculture and the 70s folk scene, Crosby says that he hasn't forged a single lasting friendship.

"All the guys that I made music with won't even talk to me. All of them," a sombre Crosby says in the new trailer for the upcoming documentary 'David Crosby: Remember My Name,' which is being produced by Academy Award-winning screenwriter and former rock journalist Cameron Crowe.

The new doc promises to offer an unflinching look at the rocker's life and career, especially the behavior that eventually alienated Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and other illustrious collaborators from his past. Crosby puts the blame for those rifts squarely on himself, saying his "big ego, no brains" personality drove all those rock and folk luminaries away. 

In the new doc, Crosby also reflects on his addiction to heroin, discusses the three heart attacks that have left him with 8 stints in his heart, and even takes viewers out to see the abode that inspired the classic Crosby, Stills and Nash song 'Our House.' Check out the trailer below.

Exclusive: David Crosby Looks Back on Drugs, Bandmate Conflicts in Documentary Trailer


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