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How to Make Your Own Alkaline Water

While there are many different opinions about which foods to consume for optimum health, there is no doubt that it is essential to drink water regularly. But which water is the best water: alkaline, tap, mineral, spring, well, or distilled? Do you understand what alkaline water is? If you’re wondering whether it is “the new kale,” keep reading for a description of alkaline water, its benefits, and side effects, as well as a lesson on how to make your own alkaline water.

Defining Alkaline Water

To fully grasp what alkaline water is, you must understand the concept of the pH scale. This is merely a measure of two components in water, hydrogen, and hydroxyl — which reveal how alkaline or acidic something is on a scale of 0 to 14. The rule of thumb is that the lower the number, the more acidic (and the less alkaline) the substance is. Most people today consume a lot of acidic foods; this can be a problem in itself. When coupling that with tap water -which is more acidic than alkaline water- the level of acidity can be toxic to the human body. In fact, maintaining a pH level of 7.4 is key to staying healthy.  Enter, alkaline water…

Alkaline Water Benefits

Drinking alkaline water can help you maintain a healthy pH level as well as overall health. Full of antioxidants, it is thought to neutralize damaging free radicals in the human body and is beneficial in several ways by giving your immune system a boost. With an increased ability to fight off colds and flu, all systems work better. It is especially useful for your digestive system and can also help neutralize the acid and lessen chronic symptoms like reflux, bloating, or nausea.

Alkaline water is thought to help with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. It may lower the risk of more severe diseases, like osteoporosis as well. (A diet that is too acidic leads to loss of bone mineral density.) It may reduce the risk of cancer in consumers. However, there is controversy around the latter — and the benefits in general — as health professionals state a lack of evidence that fully supports the claim of improved health.

Besides, there are cosmetic benefits! Drinking a lot of water is always known to help improve skin, and alkaline water is no exception. Studies show that alkaline water is slightly more beneficial than regular water in enhancing hydration in athletes. Alkaline water doesn’t just hydrate the skin, it also fights sagging skin and wrinkle by reducing cellular and DNA damage.

Alkaline Water Side Effects

Is alkaline water too good to be true? Some people believe the benefits are just false claims from alkaline bottled water companies who have done a few studies. There are studies in which rats were given alkaline water that show the dangers of consumption which include possible stunted growth.  

Alkaline water is considered safe, as it contains minerals. But it can produce undesirable side effects which result from lowering the stomach acid. This acid keeps you healthy by removing toxins from your body and killing bacteria. When the body is too alkaline, your skin and gastrointestinal tract suffer. Another adverse side effect is the possibility of developing metabolic alkalosis, which causes everything from nausea to twitching to confusion. This can decrease free calcium in the body and have a negative impact on bone health. To be fair, this is rare.

Do you still want to give it a try despite the potential side effects?

How to Make Alkaline Water

There are several ways you can easily make your own alkaline water at home. Sure, you can purchase a residential filter system or use a water pitcher with a filter. Both are great when it comes to purifying water-but there are some more straightforward, cost-effective ways to make alkaline water.

If you want recipes: You can start with an eight-ounce glass of distilled or filtered water. First, add 0.4 grams of sea calcium. Then take half of a magnesium complex capsule and put it into the water. Mix well--with a spoon. Alternately, Put  ⅛ tablespoon of baking soda in the 8 fluid ounces of water. Stir or shake until the baking soda is completely dissolved. Prefer lemon? Just use ⅛ tablespoon of lemon juice instead.

Lastly, you can use pH drops. These come in small bottles for your convenience. The liquid contains a large concentration of minerals and electrolytes. With just a few drops, you can alkalize your water.

While there is indeed not enough evidence to know if a couple glasses of alkaline water a day “keeps the doctor away”; you may want to try out the trend of drinking alkaline water. With numerous benefits, few risks, and simple ways to make it, it is easy to see why alkaline water is widespread.


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