That Time Alice Cooper Collaborated With Salvador Dali On A Hologram

Shock rocker Alice Cooper has worked with a lot of artists over the years - including AerosmithThe Bee Gees and even The Muppets. But his weirdest collaborator by far was surreal artist Salvador Dali, who was born 113 years ago today.

Dali became a big fan of the shock rocker when he gained mainstream success in the early 70s.

"We were immediately his favorite band," Cooper later told Biography. "Because we were not only loud, obnoxious and in-your-face. But we were really creepy. Our stage show was very surrealistic. I think it kind of reminded him of his paintings."

So the artist naturally wanted to turn Alice Cooper into a one-man Dali exhibit. 

"We got a call from Salvador Dali's people," Cooper said. They wanted to arrange a meeting at the St. Moritz Hotel in New York, where Dali made the most Dali-like entrance you could imagine.

"He wore the famous upturned mustache, giraffe-skin pants, a zebra jacket, Aladdin shoes that curled at the toes, purple socks that Elvis gave him and a dandy cane," Cooper recalled.

Then he made the strangest pitch in rock history. "He wants to do this moving hologram. He said I want you to sit in the middle and wear $4 million in diamonds" and pose with a fake brain. "He goes, 'This is the Alice brain.' And it's got ants crawling all over it. And the ants spelled out 'Alice' and 'Dali.' And a chocolate éclair [was] running down the back." 

Odd as all that was, Cooper couldn't turn down the chance to work with a childhood hero.

"The funny thing was, in school I was an art major before I was even in the band. And he was my hero. Salvador Dali was sort of the ultimate. And when I got to meet him, and I worked with him on a project, it was beyond belief. It was like working with The Beatles. You couldn't get any higher than that."

But working with Dali was also a daily struggle. "He speaks one word in French, one word in Portuguese, one word in English, one word in Spanish..." Cooper said. "So you're only picking up every fifth word. You have no idea what he's talking about."

Except when it came to money. When Cooper asked if he could keep the fake brain as a memento, Dali shot him down in perfect English. "Of course not. It's worth millions," he said according to Cooper.

But you can check out the hologram of Cooper posing with the brain in this clip.


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