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Alec Baldwin Talks About His Trump Impersonation (And Potential Assassination)

Alec Baldwin's impersonation of President Donald Trump has become one of the highlights of his acting career, and it might be one of his last roles. His caricature of Trump is so good that some are worried that The Donald will have the actor assassinated just to put a stop to it.

Baldwin's impersonation of President Trump on Saturday Night Live has become such a sensation that you'd assume he had to have spent weeks, if not months, perfecting The Donald's mannerisms, right down to the scowling eyes and puckered lips. But Baldwin says that he came up with the impersonation at the last minute.

"The moment the stage manager [took] me to my mark for the first dress rehearsal at 8 o'clock, I had no idea what I was gonna do," Baldwin told Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. So he got into character on the fly by raising his eyebrows, sticking his mouth out and repeating "Gina" while getting his makeup done before the big debut.

But the impression turned out to be a huge hit with pretty much everyone except rival Trump impersonators ("They say I suck," Baldwin confessed) and the president himself, who has repeatedly trashed SNL on Twitter.

And some wonder if The Donald might take things a step further by assassinating Baldwin. The actor told Kimmel that he was recently asked if the success of the impersonation made him fear for his life.

"I'm with my assistant at Dean & DeLuca in Manhattan getting a cup of coffee," Baldwin recalled. "I run into Tony Kushner the playwright. And Tony Kushner turns to my assistant and goes, 'Is this your taster?' Like assuming somebody's going to try to rub me out."


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