Watch Alec Baldwin Impersonate Donald Trump Impersonating George Washington

Right off the heels of announcing his infamous Trump impersonation will return to Saturday Night Live next season, Alec Baldwin took a swipe at the president in a promo for his celebrity roast next week on spike. But instead of wearing the usual orange mop on his head, Baldwin impersonated Trump impersonating George Washington by donning a powdered wig and recalling his achievements as America's most beloved general and president.

"I grabbed so much freedom from those British losers. When you're the president, they let you do it," Baldwin's caricature said - echoing The Donald's infamous Access Hollywood interview

Baldwin went on to mock the Russia scandal besieging Trump's White House. 

"I won our nation's first election fair and square - complete landslide. Nobody thought I could win all 13 colonies, but I did. The press is saying the French interfered. Okay, that's fake news. I don't know French. I never borrowed money from the French, the only thing I got from the French is my kissing - which, I should mention, is quite impressive."

And the actor even took a swipe at himself. "I created this terrific, beautiful country for everybody - even the haters and the losers like Alec Baldwin," he said.

Check it out.


In a tweet last night President Donal Trump announced his new hire for White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney. Mulvaney is currently the director of the Office of Management and Budget as well as the Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Once he starts the new job, Mulvaney may just be one of the biggest cannabis reform supporters in the White House, a potential boon for the legalization movement.