Alec Baldwin On Donald Trump And His Notorious Impersonation Of The President

Alec Baldwin - who turns 59 today - is one of the most talked about celebrities thanks to his notorious Saturday Night Live impersonation of President Donald Trump, which The Donald hates so much that you know it has to be good. But Baldwin, who recently opened up about his views of Trump, says that the hatred is not mutual and the impersonation isn't meant to be "malicious."

"I don't hate Trump," Baldwin told Vanity Fair last month. "I don't think it [the impersonation] would work if you do cuz then you wouldn't be able to see clearly."

However, Baldwin - a native of Amittyville, New York - is not a fan of The Donald either. He told Vanity Fair that Trump rose to power by duping people into believing that the fictionalization of himself on The Apprentice as a financial wizard was what they were going to get by voting for him. "Trump managed to convince everybody west of the Hudson [River] that he is the guy that's on the TV show - this crack business executive."

But Trump didn't fool New Yorkers, he says, who have been on to his schtick for a long time. "In New York, he was kind of endured in a way," Baldwin said.

Now the president seems to be taking that out on his former neighbors now. "What's interesting to me is that he seems to have gone to Washington to almost choose nominees and to advocate for policies that spit in the face of New Yorkers in particular," Baldwin added.

Check out the full interview in the clip below. And if you're a big fan of Baldwin's Trump, make sure to watch the season finale of 'Saturday Night Live,' which might be the sendoff for the impersonation.

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