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Albuquerque Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

Many cities across the United States are taking progressive stands to lower penalties on marijuana when the state and federal government do not. And now Albuquerque, New Mexico is adding its name to that list.

The Albuquerque City Council voted in a 5-4 tally to decriminalize marijuana possession. If Mayor Tim Keller signs the bill, people who are arrested for marijuana possession will face only a $25 fine. At a meeting discussing the issue, every person who spoke about the bill approved of decriminalization except for one.

That doesn't mean the city council members who voted against it didn't find bizarre reasons to do so. The one council member who voted against decriminalization said, "You don't know what it's laced with it could be laced with PCBs. it could be laced with any possibility of drugs."

Of course, one way to ensure safe cannabis products would be to legalize it so people can't rely on shady black market dealers who may have done anything they want to their supply.

The city council previously passed a decriminalization bill five years ago, but it was vetoed by then Mayor Richard Berry.

It seems likely that Keller will sign the bill, considering he's spoken in favor of legalizing marijuana in the past.

(h/t KRQE)


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