Alberta's Online Retail Store is Now Selling Cannabis Seeds

For the first time, Alberta’s official cannabis store is offering cannabis seeds for those looking to grow their own plants at home.

Provincial regulations have allowed Albertans to grow up four cannabis plants per household since Oct. 17th, but before now, there was no legal way to obtain seeds to do so without a medical license.

Sold four to a package, the seeds are all feminized (meaning the plants are expected to produce buds), but the producers cannot guarantee that they will all flower, according the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis regulating agency.

Currently, only two varieties of seeds are available for purchase on the website. One seed will grow primarily THC-heavy plants, while the other is a THC-CBD hybrid, though both come from the Ontario-based producer Tweed. They are each are priced at $60 and are expected to produce an amount equivalent of four grams.

The demand has already been swift, with the THC-based seeds selling out on the first day.

The AGLC plans eventually to sell live plants as well, according to the CBC. A representative for the agency also speculated that LPs might be less inclined to distribute seeds, as they make more from the finished product.

Still, it could provide a decent alternative to combat the rampant shortage issues felt across to the country. The shortages are so severe in Alberta, in fact, that the AGLC has suspended the process of issuing retail licences.

You can check out our province-by-province guide for more information on Alberta’s regulations surrounding home growing, and if you do plan on planting your own seeds, we have some suggestions for how best to do it.


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