Here's A Look Inside Alberta's Mandatory Cannabis Retail Course

In the face of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada, Alberta has launched a mandatory retail training course for people who want to work sales in the industry. 

Alberta's SellSafe Cannabis Staff Training will be a requirement for people who want to work in cannabis retail in the province. As Alberta has already signalled that they will be licensing hundreds of private dispensaries, it's important that anyone working the front line has a good handle on the topics shoppers will be interested in.

Leafly's Harrison Jordon signed up for the course to find out what kind of things would be covered. He says the "the course material and 30-question test do a good job" of laying out the cannabis basics for potential sales workers.

"Prospective employees will learn about the cannabis plant, specifically the compounds THC, CBD, and the concept of terpenes."

Of course, a large portion of the course is dedicated to preventing minors from purchasing cannabis and seems to follow similar tactics as that of liquor store training.

"In fact, minors are not even allowed in cannabis stores, and those taking the SellSafe program are told to look for minor-revealing clues, such as avoiding eye contact with workers and nervous fidgeting," says Jordan. "Trainees are also told to be on the lookout for youth hanging around a store’s parking lot, who might be angling for an adult willing to buy them the forbidden flower."

Retail workers will also be forbidden from giving medical advice to patrons, meaning any medical marijuana patients that come in will have to discuss which strains are best for their condition with a physician beforehand.

An 80 percent grade is required to pass the 30 multiple choice question test at the end of the course. If you're already up on your cannabis you should have no problems with it, reports Jordan.

"According to the SellSafe website, the course requires 4 -6 hours of studying and reviewing materials before the test. But if one really knows their cannabis, they could realistically get through all the content in an hour. And it’s not that hard to get 100%. (I did.)"

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