Alaskan Police Chief Calls Cannabis Prohibition "Counterproductive"

Jeff Ankerfelt is the police chief of Sitka, a Southeastern city in Alaska who has recently been appointed to Alaska's cannabis regulation board. He believes fighting cannabis has been a huge waste of resources for law enforcement agencies and is committing himself to progressive industry regulations.

Ankerflet has been appointed to the Marijuana Control Board's public safety seat by Governor of Alaska, Bill Walker—a man who himself has been vocal about his support for cannabis legalization. Ankerfelt's appointment comes after the position had seen several changes over the past few months.

And for his part, Ankerfelt seems committed to the implementation of fair cannabis legislation in Alaska. He said his career as a police officer led him to believe that "our war on marijuana was really a waste of time and counterproductive, particularly as there was increasing evidence that there was some medical benefits to the use of marijuana."

Police forces across the country right now are struggling to adapt to the rapid changes in cannabis legislation that have been seen over the past few years. Hopefully police in Alaska fall behind Ankerfelt in upholding state-initiated cannabis legalization similar to what has been seen in Boston instead of following the pushback that has been seen in cities like New York.


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